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From the editors of Tree Services magazine | September 27, 2012

Missouri Expands EAB Quarantine
Following last summer's findings of the invasive emerald ash borer in Platte, Madison and Reynolds counties, Missouri's quarantine regulating the movement of many ash wood products has been expanded. The quarantine, now includes the counties in which the borer has been found as well as several adjacent counties. Read More

Laurel Wilt Disease Infects Florida Trees
The red bay ambrosia beetle has turned up in the Tampa Bay area, threatening to kill thousands of trees. The beetle brings the fast-spreading laurel wilt disease. Officials announced that the disease is killing hundreds of trees in John Chesnut Park and has begun spreading into the adjacent 8,000-acre Brooker Creek Preserve. Read More

Arborist Careers Grown Despite Slow Job Market
According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the percentage of unemployment has remained steady in 2012, but opportunities for arborists continue to grow. The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts 18 percent growth through 2018, with average salaries ranging from $44,000 to over $100,000 annually. Read More

Pests and Diseases Attack New England's Trees
Harvard Forest Director David Foster and Researcher David Orwig say New England's tree-friendly climate ensures that the region's forests will endure, but newly introduced pests and diseases also ensure that the region's 33 million acres of trees will continue to change as species rise to replace those affected. Read More

The Knife Source

Morton Arboretum Teams with NASA to Research Trees
A team of local scientists and colleagues from France, England and Germany, as well as NASA aerospace engineers, conducted field tests at the Morton Arboretum in order to collect data that may someday help arborists evaluate trees for individual consumers. Read More

Tree Trimmer Crushed by Palm Fronds
Authorities believe a tree trimmer was killed when heavy palm fronds fell on him as he worked in Hollywood, Calif. Emergency personnel were dispatched to the scene upon receiving a call about a tree trimmer who was trapped about 30 feet above the ground. Read More

Arborwell Collaborates on Berkeley Tree Inventory
Arborwell Professional Tree Management is in the process of completing the GIS inventory of the city of Berkeley's public trees in collaboration with Berkeley's IT/GIS Department, the Department of Forestry and CAL Fire. The inventory will include between fifty and sixty thousand trees. Read More

Summer Drought Brings Drab Fall
In 40 years of tree care, Arborist Craig Casino said he has never seen weather conditions more devastating than in 2012. The summer drought will likely dull the bright leafy reds, oranges and yellows normally expected as the season changes, and foliage is changing much earlier than usual. Read More


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"Normally, if I bid on a job, the price is the price. If I didn't see a hazard (bees' nest, raccoon, etc.), I deal with that hazard within the price. Bees are normally pretty easy: wait until night or first thing in the am and nail them with bee spray then finish the job."
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L1 Arborist Rigging Applications. Longmont, Colo. To learn more, visit

October 3-4
Tree Risk Assessment Course & Exam: Become a Certified Tree Risk Assessor. Morris Arboretum, Philadelphia, Pa. For details, visit

October 5
Minnesota Society of Arboriculture Annual Conference. Minnesota Landscape Arboretum, Chaska, Minn. To learn more, call 507-328-2515 or email

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New Perspectives in Tree Care. Chico, Calif. For more information, visit

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Crane Use & Safety During Tree Removal. Baton Rouge, La. For more information, visit

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L1 Precision Tree Felling, Chain Saw Safety & Handling. Taylor, Mich.; Attleboro, Mass. For details, visit

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Illinois Arborist Association Annual Conference & Trade Show. Holiday Inn Select, Tinley Park, Ill. To learn more, visit

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L1 Arborist Rigging Applications. Taylor, Mich. For more information, visit

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Electrical Hazard Awareness & Minimum Approach Distances. Pollock, La. To learn more, visit

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New Jersey Shade Tree Federation 87th Annual Meeting. Crowne Plaza, Cherry Hill, N.J. For more information, visit

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2012 Wisconsin Arborist Association Fall Seminar. West Bend Mutual, West Bend, Wis. For more information, visit

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Introductory Tree Climbing. Morris Arboretum, Philadelphia, Pa. For details, visit

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