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Ron Hall

Are You Seeing Climate Creep
in Your Region?

By Ron Hall
They fly over in huge ragged V's. From a distance, their dark silhouette against the early morning pink sky looks like Canada geese. But there's no raucous honking and you recognize them for what they are—cormorants. To me, at least, their appearance in such large numbers suggests climate creep caused by more than a decade of warmer-than-normal temperatures. Read More

Patrick McGuiness

The Importance of the Form I-9 and How to Conduct an Internal Audit
By Patrick D. McGuiness
Whenever a business hires an employee, the Form I-9 should be completed. This form is used to confirm that the employee is who they say they are (identity) and that the employee is authorized to work in the United States (authorization). Read More


Be Prepared for Summer and Fall Diseases
The traditional disease triangle components of host, pathogen and environment influence the degree of damage that's experienced on all species of turfgrass. When season of year is added to the mix, some considerations change and some remain the same. Read More

Reasons Why Herbicides Fail
Herbicides applied to turfgrass are generally effective when they're applied according to label instructions. Manufacturers spend a lot of time and money testing and retesting products for efficacy, as well as the potential for environmental damage before they're released. Read More

Researchers Study Microclover with Turf
Researchers at The Ohio State University are studying the introduction of Microclover into turfgrass to test the feasibility of developing a more environmentally friendly, sustainable turfgrass ecosystem. Read More

SureGuard Herbicide Registered for Use
on Dormant Bermudagrass

Valent Professional Products' SureGuard Herbicide is now registered for use on dormant bermudagrass. Read More


Real Green Systems' Service Assistant Software
Service Assistant software is designed for service businesses of any size that need to get up and running fast. The administration tools give you the options to change the way the features operate so you get a customizable solution without the cost of custom software.
Service Assistant allows you to manage your workflow, from marketing to the initial customer call, all the way to invoicing and receivables, and all customer records, schedules, dispatch needs, and personnel information, including a complete history of events, are managed within the software.
Service Assistant includes complete system integration, marketing support database, on-site training, technical support and complete forms support. Features include quick customer access, customer history, call log, invoicing, routing, scheduling, marketing, technical support, reports and mapping.
Find out more.


Storing Your Stuff for the Winter
It's already mid-September and before you know it snow will be flying. So, what do you do to your equipment before putting it away for a few months? Members of discuss their preparations. Read More


Direct Solutions and PLANET Trailblazing
at the 2012 GIE+EXPO

Direct Solutions and the Professional Landcare Network (PLANET) have announced that two lucky GIE+EXPO attendees will be offered a mentoring and business learning opportunity through the PLANET Trailblazer program. Read More

Rain Bird Academy Announces Irrigation
Training Schedule

Rain Bird Services has announced the dates and locations of its 2012-2013 Rain Bird Academy training season. Read More

Swingle Named Top Company
by Colorado Business Magazine

Swingle Lawn, Tree and Landscape Care has earned ColoradoBiz Magazine's 2012 Top Company Award in the Services category. Read More

Dwyer Group CEO Dina Dwyer-Owens Wins Women That Soar Award
On September 24, 2012, from 12 to 1 p.m., Women That Soar will host a press conference to announce the 2012 honorees, which include Dwyer Group CEO Dina Dwyer-Owens, and plans for the Fifth Annual Women That Soar Awards. Read More

Project EverGreen's Ft. Myers Program
Opens Museum Exhibit

Project EverGreen's GreenCare for Communities location in Ft. Myers, Fla., opened its "Backyard Nature: Living GREEN" exhibit at the Imaginarium Science Center on Aug. 18. Read More

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