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Produce Packaging

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Many Farms Exempt From Food Safety Rules
Produce industry experts say there are no big surprises in the proposed rules for food safety. However, they do say that they are surprised by the exemption of an estimated 79 percent of growers. There are estimated to be 190,111 U.S. farms that grow produce, according to an impact analysis study conducted by FDA. Read More

Honeybee Almond Pollination Research
Honeybees are more effective at pollinating almonds when other species of bees are present, says an international research team in groundbreaking research just published in the Proceedings of the Royal Society B. Read More

University of Delaware Awarded Bean Grant
Delaware is second only to California in the production of lima beans (also known as butter beans), and according to state researchers, it has the potential to become number one in the future. Due to the importance of the crop in the region, a study is taking place to look at diseases that are affecting cultivation. Read More

PASA Announces Leadership Award Winners
The Pennsylvania Association for Sustainable Agriculture (PASA) announced the winners of its Sustainable Ag Leader Award and Sustainable Ag Business Leadership Award, Becky and Don Kretschmann of Kretschmann Farm and Tuscarora Organic Growers Cooperative, respectively. Read More

Mullen Elected NPC's 2013 President
At the National Potato Council's 2013 Annual Meeting, Randy Mullen of Pasco, Wash., was elected to serve as NPC's president for 2013 and to lead the council's executive committee. Mullen is the owner of Mullen Farms, Inc., a fresh potato growing operation located next to the Columbia River. Read More

Report Highlights Farmers' Global Leadership
Since first pioneering drip irrigation in the 1970s, California's strawberry farmers have continued to serve amongst global leaders in developing sustainable strawberry farming practices to reduce negative impacts to air, water and land, according to a report issued by the California Strawberry Commission. Read More

Study May Lead to Citrus Greening Treatment
Amino acids in orange juice may reveal the way in which citrus greening is able to attack. Studies of these amino acids by U.S. Department of Agriculture chemist Andrew P. Breksa III and University of California, Davis, professor Carolyn M. Slupsky may lead to an effective approach to treating the disease. Read More

Syngenta Launches Kumato Advertising Campaign
Syngenta has launched a promotional campaign for its famous tomato variety. The campaign started with a TV advertisement showing a customer choosing Kumato at the grocery store. The development of this tomato began in the 1970s. Read More

Tip Murphy Scholarship Recipients Announced
Nick Mascari and Tommy Rowlands have been selected to receive the fifth annual Tip Murphy Scholarship for Leadership Excellence offered through the Produce Marketing Association Foundation for Industry Talent. Read More

Pink Lady's Orchard Family Focus
Pink Lady America (PLA) is starting the new year with a program designed to focus on those families at the orchard level doing the hard work it takes for consumers to enjoy the high-quality apples readily available in the supermarket produce department. Read More

Certis USA to Launch Insect Control Strategy
The U.S. EPA has granted registration to Madex HP, the first granulosis virus approved for use in North America that controls the larvae of codling moth and oriental fruit moth. The product will be commercially available to apple, pear, stone fruit, almond and walnut growers in the spring of 2013. Read More

Concern Over FDA Food Safety Crop Grouping
There are fears over the new FDA Food Safety Modernization Act and what some see as an attempt to group all produce together when it comes to food safety risks. Opposition to this focuses on the fact that ground crops come into close contact with fertilizers and other potentially hazardous agents to a greater extent than tree fruits. Read More


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