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Welcome to 'Sprout,' American Nurseryman's e-newsletter published on the first and third Thursdays of each month. For even more, be sure to read our June issue.

The Morton ArboretumMorton research shows “surprising” spread of leaf-out times
Research conducted by The Morton Arboretum may challenge conventional wisdom about spring leaf-out times of woody plants, showing that a surprisingly wide span of as much as three months may impact the length of the growing season as well as activities of birds, insects and other animals. Thus, these observations should be factored into climate-change model predictions. “Leaf-out phenology affects a wide variety of ecosystem processes and ecological interactions and will take on added significance as leaf-out times increasingly shift in response to warming temperatures associated with climate change,” the study said. Read more>

Garden Media GroupHow to market to millennials
It’s a puzzle: Is the younger generation interested in gardening? How do you reach them? Garden Media Group has researched that question and has developed a guide with info you need to help corner this part of a large market. In it, you can find out who comprises this group called Millennials; how garden businesses can connect with them; what they want in the garden; plus tips on selling to them and garden trends that matter. The e-book will go live on June 25, and you can access it then on Garden Media Group’s Grow! blog. See the link below. Read more>

Ball Seed Field Day and Landscape DayBall Seed Field Day and Landscape Day
The country’s premier summer trials — Ball Seed’s annual field day — will be held July 25 at the company’s 8 acres of gardens in West Chicago and will feature more than 150,000 plants representing hundreds of breeders and suppliers. Latest introductions will be featured, including Easy Wave Velour petunias, EnduraScape verbena, Kabloom seed calibroachoa and Bounce interspecific impatiens. Dr. Allan Armitage will present the keynote address. Read more>

MortonAquascape expands Pondemonium for 2014
A first-ever Foreman/Rookie segment has been added to Aquascape Inc.’s annual Pondemonium (August 18 to 23), allowing owners and managers to bring along the crew for hands-on experience. Events include classroom sessions, hands-on training at Build-a-Pond events; networking opportunities and more. This year’s theme, “Reach for the Stars,” previews the company’s upcoming Nat Geo WILD television series, “Pond Stars.” Read more>

FarwestDirr headlines Farwest’s speakers program
Dr. Michael Dirr will present “The Sun Never Sets on Woody Plant Introductions: Reflections & Observations on the Best of the New” and “What It Takes to Launch a New Product in Today’s Intensely Competitive Marketplace,” with co-speaker Natalia Hamill, Brand and Business Development Manager for Bailey Nurseries Inc., during the 2014 Farwest Trade Show’s lecture series August 21 to 23. Read more>


Kurt BluemelKurt Bluemel
Kurt Bluemel, owner of Kurt Bluemel Inc. in Maryland, passed away June 4. He was 81. Bluemel was known as the Grass King and the "Johnny Appleseed of ornamental grasses." His website can be accessed here. Read more>

People News

Mike TizioKeith CableScott Crownover




McHutchison begins succession plan
Horticultural distributor McHutchison has initiated its succession plan by promoting Mike Tizio to President-CEO, and electing Keith Cable and Scott Crownover to positions as Corporate Vice Presidents. Both Cable and Crownover are directors of the McHutchison board. Read more>

Debbie ThorneGina FalcettiTwo new hires at Northwest Horticulture
Northwest Horticulture has announced the hiring of Debbie Thorne (we’ve known her as Debbie Hewlett) as Program Product Manager for the company’s Grower Division, as well as Gina Falcetti as the company’s Research and Development Manager. Read more>

Pramod ThotaBethwyn ToddPersonnel changes at FMC
FMC Corporation has named Pramod Thota to lead FMC Professional Solutions, the company’s business unit serving the pest, turf and ornamental industries. Bethwyn Todd will lead FMC’s new BioSolutions and Seed Treatment businesses. Read more>

Hot Products

Marleys Pink Parasol Japanese snowbellMarleys Pink Parasol Japanese snowbell
JLPN Inc. and UpShoot announce the release of Marleys Pink Parasol Japanese snowbell (Styrax japonica ‘JLWeeping’; US PP 23,755 P3), a distinctive, weeping variety with lemon verbena and cotton candy scented flowers. It’s named for JLPN owner John Lewis’ daughter, Marley, whose character and charm inspired the moniker. Reaching 8 to 10 feet tall and 4 to 5 feet wide, the weeping branches sport dark, glossy green, finely serrated foliage, pink flowers and brown nutlet capsules; it’s hardy to Zone 5. Marleys Pink Parasol will make its official debut in the Farwest Trade Show’s New Varieties Showcase, August 21 to 23. Read more>

Coleus Flying Carpet ‘Fire Mountain’ Coleus Flying Carpet series
Terra Nova Nurseries launches a new collection of coleus varieties called the Coleus Flying Carpet series, including ‘Fire Mountain’ (pictured), with deep lime and bright red foliage on a short, dense habit; ‘Shocker’, with lime-gold background and a red center that grows as the leaf ages; ‘Thriller’, with lime-gold border and cherry red center that changes to burgundy-red; and ‘Zinger’, with bright green edge and a scarlet center. The series features a dense, trailing, mound habit ranging from 14 to 30 inches tall and 14 to 30 inches wide in zones 10 to 11. Read more>

MortonSultan miticide
A new class of chemistry comprises Sultan from BASF, a new miticide that has just received EPA approval for use in greenhouses, nurseries, landscapes and interiorscapes. With the active ingredient cyflumetofen, Sultan offers growers rapid, targeted knockdown of all life stages of mites, with long residual control; practically no toxicity to beneficial insects, including predatory mites and pollinators; no observed phytotoxicity in ornamental species tested; a new mode of action to combat cross-resistance with other commercial miticides; and compatibility with IPM programs. Sultan will be used as a contact application to key ornamental mites in annual and perennial crops, including foliage plants such as ficus and palm; woody plants such as hibiscus, butterfly bush and rose; and herbaceous plants such as marigold, gerbera daisy and chrysanthemum. Read more>

Aquascape-Garden-and-Pond-LightingLED garden and pond lighting
The permanently sealed and watertight fixtures of Aquascape’s new LED garden and pond lighting options can be fully submersed or used in traditional landscape settings. Featuring a die-cast metal housing and finished with a three-part brushed, architectural bronze coating that holds up in all weather conditions, the company’s 2014 LED lights include warm, natural-looking light that blends in easily with traditional halogen lighting; up to 90 percent energy savings compared to halogen lighting with 30 times longer bulb life; easy-to-install, quick-connect system; and a five-year, full replacement warranty. The lights are available in a variety of options, including three sizes of LED spotlights, an LED waterfall and landscape accent light, LED fountain accent light, and a DIY spotlight kit that includes three lights pre-wired for easy installation. Read more>

Curtis canopyCanopy and windshield
Constructed of molded, high-density polyethylene, the new canopy and folding windshield from Curtis Industries fits John Deere Gator TS, TX and TE model UTVs. Aluminum support tubes mount directly to the Gator chassis bracket for improved strength and stability. No drilling is required, significantly reducing installation time. The front canopy frame is secured in a 13-inch, reinforcing channel to reduce movement and prevent cracks and squeaks. The folding, removable windshield opens for added ventilation and visibility. Made of impact-modified acrylic for superior strength, the windshield secures in place with rubber latches for safe operation open or closed. Windshield removes easily without tools.
The Gator canopy and windshield provide cover from bright sunlight or light rain as well as protection from tree limbs, debris and overhead hazards, but still allows easy entry and exit from the vehicle. Read more>

WSR_6514_SS to Euro – Global AdapterSkid steer to Euro/global adapter
Worksaver Inc. introduces a new skid steer adapter designed to allow the use of Euro / Global type attachments on skid steer loaders. This new adapter features an all-welded design, plated rods and easy-release handle to secure Euro / Global attachments in place. The adapter provides users with a greater versatility in attachment choices. Read more>  Put the power of perfect pronunciation in your back pocket.  Get the American Nurseryman classified advantage - quick results in five easy steps


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What: Southern Plant Conference
When: July 22
Where: Georgia International Convention Center, Atlanta
Sponsor: Southern Nursery Association; held in conjunction with SNA 2014
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10 Plants That Shook the WorldBuy this book!
10 Plants That Shook the World
C’mon, you know you’re curious. Here’s what the publisher had to say: Plants might start out as leafy things growing in the earth, but they can come into our lives in unexpected ways. And believe it or not, some have even played an exciting role in our world's history. Discover how:

  • Countries went to war to control trade centers for pepper
  • A grass called papyrus became the first effective tool for sharing knowledge through writing
  • Europeans in the 1600s cut down rainforests to grow sugar, contributing to soil erosion
  • Cotton improved the livelihoods of a few, but caused unthinkable suffering for many more
  • Corn fueled new technologies and turns up in thousands of everyday products
  • The discovery of rubber revolutionized transportation, making bike and car tires possible
  • Tea and chocolate became big business, and the race for profits was on
  • Dependence on the potato caused one of the greatest tragedies in history, while the bark of the cinchona tree saved countless lives from malaria.

The 10 plants in this book are the source of profound changes in the world, both good and bad. Through vibrant illustrations and astonishing facts, you'll discover that without them, our lives today would be vastly different. Read more>

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