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Welcome to 'Sprout,' American Nurseryman's e-newsletter published on the first and third Thursdays of each month. For even more, be sure to read our May issue.

Western snowpackWestern snowpack good news for some … not for others
As wildfires burn close to San Diego, the National Resources Conservation Service states that April storms delivered a mix of rain and snow to the northern half of the West but didn’t provide much relief for the dry southern half, according to data from the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s May 2014 water supply forecast. Washington, most of Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, and the northern parts of Colorado and Utah, are expected to have near normal or above normal water supplies, according to the forecasts from the Natural Resources Conservation Service’s National Water and Climate Center. Streamflows that are far below normal are forecast for the southern parts of Oregon and Utah, southwestern Idaho, California, Arizona, New Mexico and western Nevada. Many of these areas are in the nearly 500 counties experiencing drought across the country, 57 of them in California alone, according to USDA disaster designations. Read more>

Proven Winners’ first Botanical TrailProven Winners designates first Botanical Trail
Kentucky’s Rockcastle River Trading Company, owned by garden designer and author Jon Carloftis, has been named Proven Winners’ first Botanical Trail. According to Proven Winners, “A designated Proven Winners® Botanical Trail exemplifies a property that successfully integrates Proven Winners® plants as a complement to the natural landscape, while respecting local landscape tradition and indigenous plant material.” The property, located south of Lexington, is located on the Carloftis family property and comprises a home and garden store among acres designed by Carloftis. Read more>

Horticultural Research InstituteHRI accepting research grant proposals
The 2014 Horticultural Research Institute competitive grants program is open and accepting applications, but you need to hustle to have your project considered. The deadline is June 1. Got that? Just a couple of weeks away. All the pertinent information is on the HRI website, which can be accessed by clicking below. Read more>

Bailey NurseriesBailey sets expo dates
Bailey Nurseries has announced the dates for its annual expo events at the company’s Minnesota, Illinois and Oregon facilities. Each event is open to Bailey customers and is a full day of activities, including facility tours, introduction of new plant varieties, merchandising display ideas and guest speakers. Bailey staff experts in plant health, production and sales will be on hand. In Minnesota, the date is July 17; Illinois is July 31; and Oregon is August 20. Read more>

The Missouri Botanical Garden second annual desert showMobot’s 2nd annual desert show
Cactus in Missouri? You bet. The Missouri Botanical Garden is staging its second annual desert show from June 28 through July 27, this time featuring the plants from the deserts of Southern Africa and Madagascar. Read more>

National Pollinator Week begins on Friday, June 16What’s the buzz on Pollinator Week?
Did you know that National Pollinator Week begins on Friday, June 16? Well, it does. And what are you going to do about it? How about a display of natives? The Pollinator Partnership has a whole list of gardeners’ fast facts—how about mounting a few signs? If you’re an American Beauties customer, the company has prepared point-of-purchase materials to help you build displays. (Go to for more.) (Photo courtesy of Whitney Cranshaw; Read more>

GCA’s Best Garden Center Bathroom AwardsVote for your favorite bathroom
Seriously. Garden Centers of America is asking for nominations for the best independent garden center bathroom. Now in its fourth year, the GCA’s Best Garden Center Bathroom Awards is a juried competition that recognizes what retail guru Paco Underhill has stated: that convenient and clean restrooms rank high among women’s decisions on where to shop. The winner will receive a plaque and one free registration to next year’s GCA Summer Tour. Read more>

People News

Jim McCutcheonMcCutcheon elected PLANET president
Jim McCutcheon, CEO of HighGrove Partners in Austell, Georgia, has been elected 2014/2015 president of the PLANET board of directors. Read more>


Hot Products

Azatin O biological insecticideBiological insecticide
OHP Inc. has introduced Azatin O, a biological insecticide that will replace the company’s current Azatin XL. (Azatin XL will remain available temporarily to allow growers to deplete their inventories.) The new product features several upgrades, including an OMRI listing; registration in New York, California and all other states; the highest concentration of azadirachtin available (4.5 percent); 175 grams of azadirachtin per gallon, compared to 128 grams or less in competitive azadirachtin products; and rate flexibility. Azatin O can be used indoors, outdoors and in hydroponic growing systems; on ornamentals, fruits and vegetables, including berries, plus herbs and spices. Azatin O is an insect growth regulator, controlling the larval stage of many tough pests—grubs, borers, stink bugs, chafers, grasshoppers, leafhoppers, aphids, psyllids, scale, thrips, whiteflies and many Lepidoptera species. Read more>

ZeroTol 2.0ZeroTol 2.0 registered in California
BioSafe Systems announces that ZeroTol 2.0, a broad spectrum bactericide/fungicide, is now registered for use in California. ZeroTol 2.0 contains 27.1 percent hydrogen dioxide and 2 percent peroxyacetic acid, an advanced chemistry for complete pathogen control. The label has also been improved to include Tobacco Mosaic Virus. ZeroTol 2.0 can be tank mixed with a compatible systemic chemistry or insecticide to improve total disease control. For foliar applications, use it to control pathogens like botrytis, alternaria, powdery and downy mildew, bacterial blight and xanthomonas. When used as a drench, ZeroTol 2.0 controls pythium, fusarium, phytophthora and algae on plugs and root cuttings. Read more>

The Mach 2 from Antonio CarraroTwo-track tractor
The Mach 2 from Antonio Carraro is a steering reversible two-track tractor with rear rubber tracks and 20-inch front tires. The Mach 2 is designed for use on sloping terrains where constant grip, traction, stability and safety are paramount. The unique tractor’s configuration with front steering wheels and rear rubber tracks allows for easy and safe operation even on steep slopes, enabling maneuvers that would be impossible for any other vehicle equipped with conventional tires. With a width of 1440 mm, a weight of 2915 Kg, a 87-hp Yanmar engine, a certified speed of 35 Km/h, a low center of gravity and a wide range of options to choose from, including the ultra comfortable StarLight cab, the Mach 2 is a unique all-rounder that does even the toughest jobs quickly, safely and efficiently. Read more>

Terra Nova Virtual CatalogTerra Nova virtual catalog
Terra Nova Nurseries has released its 2014-2015 virtual catalog, a compendium of plants 158 pages long. Created to serve as an online informational tool for grower-customers and retailers, the digital catalog offers real-time, clickable access to new variety photos that link to full plant profiles on the company’s website. Growers can easily view or download “grower recipes,” including the breeding team’s guidelines for liner and plug growth. Read more>

Spray-on FlightControl™ PlusGoose repellent
Spray-on FlightControl™ Plus is odorless, waterproof and does not harm humans, vegetation or wildlife—but it gets rid of problem geese on waterfront properties. It utilizes an environmentally safe compound called anthranquinone, formulated by Arkion Life Sciences; unlike traditional scare tactics, this spray effectively protects waterside turf areas seven days a week, 24 hours a day. When sprayed on turf, the compound absorbs ultraviolet light, something the geese can see. This sends a visual signal to the geese that something is wrong with the grass. When the geese sample treated turf, they experience a harmless but effective digestive irritation. The combined effect teaches geese to recognize and avoid grassy areas treated with the compound. Read more>

4-in-1 Soil Condition Meter (DSMM600) from General Tools & InstrumentsSoil condition meter
The new 4-in-1 Soil Condition Meter (DSMM600) from General Tools & Instruments measures the pH, temperature and moisture content of soil, as well as the intensity of sunlight it receives, then quantifies soil characteristics. The pH level measurement feature (range 3.5 to 9.0) enables users to determine whether the acidity of the soil is suitable for particular plants; the instrument’s temperature range is 16 to 122 degrees F. Moisture content is measured within five levels, ranging from less than 5 percent to more than 30 percent. Sunlight intensity is measured within nine levels, ranging from less than 500 Lux to more than 120,000 Lux. Read more>

Turf Advisor from FMCWeed identification app
Turf Advisor from FMC provides instant mobile access to a wealth of weed and herbicide information, allowing you to properly identify weeds, search its herbicide database, and connect with regional MVC market specialists and distributors—all from your smartphone. Read more>

Scotts AirShoc line for professionals and Miracle-Gro EnviroLine for home gardenersLawn and garden tools
Scotts Miracle-Gro and Acme United have teamed to develop a new line of lawn and garden tools—Scotts AirShoc line for professionals and Miracle-Gro EnviroLine for home gardeners. The tools feature titanium-bonded stainless steel, making them both corrosion resistant and up to five-times harder than untreated stainless steel. Integrated antimicrobial technology helps prevent the growth of bacteria and fungus on both the handles and cutting blades. The Miracle-Gro® products and packaging are made from recycled materials. The AirShoc® line also features patented “Tool-Less Blade Change” technology, allowing the user to change from a bypass blade to an anvil blade to a snip in seconds. This technology provides multiple cutting options while simplifying sharpening and cleaning. Read more here and here.

Slow FlowersSlow Flowers website
Based on Debra Prinzing’s book “Slow Flowers,” offers consumers a one-stop shop for local, seasonal and sustainably grown flowers and bouquets. When it launched on May 6, the site featured 250 flower farms, studios and designers in its searchable database; the goal is to showcase 1,000 American suppliers and retailers coast-to-coast. Read more>

“A Family Affair,” by Peter A. (Tony) WellerA Family Affair
“A Family Affair,” by Peter A. (Tony) Weller, chronicles the life and times of the Weller family nursery business through 160 years from Boskoop, The Netherlands, to Holland, Michigan. Spanning five generations, the business was established in Europe by the author’s great grandfather. To purchase a copy, please contact Peter A. Weller at (616) 399-9282.

Upcoming event
What: GCA Summer Tour
When: June 22 to 25
Where: San Francisco
Sponsor: Garden Centers of America
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The Living LandscapeBuy this book!
The Living Landscape: Designing for Beauty and Biodiversity in the Home Garden
A home garden is often seen as separate from the natural world surrounding it. In truth, it is actually just one part of a larger landscape that is made up of many living layers. And the replacement of the rich layers of native flora with turf grass greatly diminishes a garden’s biological diversity and ecological function. The Living Landscape seeks to reverse this trend by showing gardeners how to create a landscape that is full of life. Written by Rick Darke and Douglas W. Tallamy, two of the most important voices in sustainability and horticulture, it is the definitive guide to designing a beautiful, biodiverse home garden. The authors first explain the layers of the landscape and what role the plants within them plays in the larger environment, from providing berries for birds, food for bugs, or a place for bees to pollinate. The authors then put this information into context and offer design strategies to implement in a home garden. Helpful charts suggest plants, including natives and nonnatives, for each region.
Read more>

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