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MANTS 2014: The masterpiece of trade shows - Jan 8-10, 2014 - Baltimore Convention Center

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Welcome to 'Sprout,' American Nurseryman's e-newsletter published on the first and third Thursdays of each month. For even more, be sure to read our August issue.

Mowing the lawn eases stressMowing the lawn eases stress
Huh … are we sure it’s not the fairy rings? Researchers at the University of Queensland, Brisbane, discovered that a chemical released by a freshly mown lawn can not only relieve stress, but could prevent a decline in faculties with old age. The chemical apparently works on the brain’s amygdala and hippocampus, which are responsible in part for emotions and memory. Based on their findings—and the fond olfactory memories of one researcher’s relaxing trip to Yosemite—these enterprising scientists have developed a perfume called Serenascent, which will hit the market soon. Those of us with allergies aren’t so sure it’ll help, but it’s worth a try as long as the antihistamines are at hand. And now you’ve got scientific evidence that you’re actually contributing to the mental health of your crews when you send them out on a maintenance job. (Photo courtesy of Clemson University - USDA Cooperative Extension Slide Series; Read more>

MumsNew Jersey hosts fall mum open houses
What better time to view mums? Head to New Jersey in September for one—or all—of three open houses featuring the finest mums on the market today. Visit Lou Davino Greenhouses in Hightstown and Kube-Pak in Allentown on September 24, then join the crowd at Lucas Greenhouses on the 25th. Tours, speakers, a mum town hall meeting and more! Plus, see hundreds of the hottest new fall solutions, from the latest trends in shoulder-season crops to ornamental vegetables and herbs to the most creative fall combos. Reservations are required, so click below for more information. Read more>

Executive Academy for Growth & LeadershipEAGL now accepting applications
EAGL—the Executive Academy for Growth & Leadership—is accepting applications for its one-year hort business certificate program, conducted in partnership with Texas A&M University. Nursery and greenhouse growers can earn a continuing education Certificate in Applied Horticultural Business Management from Texas A&M upon completion. The practical program is limited to 15 students, so whip out that pen—sorry—tablet and sign up now. Read more>

Anemone ‘Macane001’ USPP #25132Wild Swan takes top honors at Farwest
Anemone ‘Macane001’ USPP #25132—otherwise known as Wild Swan anemone—was named Best in Show in the 2013 New Varieties Showcase at the Farwest Show in Portland earlier this month. The perennial was introduced by Monrovia and beat out 44 other entrants in the exhibition. In addition to “Best in Show,” four Plants of Merit were selected. They include: Illumination Flame Digiplexis (Digitalis Illumination Flame USPPP), which also won the People’s Choice Award and is offered by Skagit Gardens; Variegated Black Gum (Nyssa sylvatica ‘Sherri’s Cloud’), offered by Heritage Seedlings; Persian Spire Parrotia (Parrotia persica ‘JLColumnar’ PPAF), introduced by JLPN Inc.; and Scarlet Ovation Evergreen Huckleberry (Vaccinium ovatum ‘Vacsid 1’ PPAF), introduced by Sidhu and Sons Nursery Ltd. Read more>

Magic MEE, from Denmark’s Fairytale FlowersMagic MEE earns Silver at Plantarium
A campanula with large, deep blue, prolific blooms has taken Silver in the Novelty competition at Plantarium 2013, The Netherlands. Magic MEE, from Denmark’s Fairytale Flowers, has a compact habit, growing about 9 inches tall and can repeat bloom over the summer. A young plant in a 4-inch pot can show nearly 450 buds, but is sterile and will not attract aggressive bees or wasps. Read more>

Hot Products

Andropogon g. Red October PPAF‘Red October’ big bluestem
Even the name is perfect for fall. Andropogon gerardii ‘Red October’ from Intrinsic Perennial Gardens Inc. is a native ornamental that was selected for finer foliage that turns burgundy-red in fall, then a brilliant scarlet after the first frost. The color changes begins with cool nights in August when foliage tips blush, and the color deepens until October—when, as the name implies, nearly the entire plant is red. Upright, clumping plants grow to about 6 feet tall in zones 3 to 9. Read more>

Fine Vines MandevillasFine Vines Mandevillas
A collection of three Fine Vines Mandevillas has joined the HGTV HOME Plant Collection, including Deep Pink Paradise, Soft Pink Breeze and Ruby Splash. Available in gallon size single and two-gallon containers, the plants offer better disease resistance and more vigorous growth than more traditional mandevillas. They are climbing, bush-form vines with brilliant blooms and heavy flowering. Read more>

Plant diagnostics appPlant diagnostics app
A new, free iPhone and iPad app—available through iTunes—gives growers and landscape pros a mobile tool to help diagnose plant problems. It allows users to send digital photos and descriptions of the problem to any of eight participating university labs. In turn, they’re asked a series of questions about specific problems they need to identify. A nominal sample-handling fee is charged; fees vary depending on the lab. Participating diagnostic labs include Alabama Cooperative Extension, University of Connecticut, University of Illinois Extension, University of Kentucky, Michigan State University, University of New Hampshire and The Ohio State University in addition to Purdue. Read more>

BioSafe SystemsWater testing services
BioSafe Systems now offers testing services to help growers develop customized water treatment programs. The company’s in-house plant pathologist reviews bacterial, fungi and algae results in collaboration with technical reps, then provides individualized solutions. Three packages are offered: a one-time, three-month or yearlong program, each offering enhanced analysis and customized water treatment recommendations. Read more>

Senninger IrrigationQuick-connect riser components
Senninger Irrigation has developed new riser adapter components that make the installation and removal of sprinklers faster and more efficient. The system gives growers the ability to simply disconnect the assembly from the lateral and move the sprinkler around a field or greenhouse as crops and nursery stock rotate in and out of production areas. After removal, Senninger’s Super Barb Plug can be used to seal the opening in the lateral. It’s designed with a press-fit inlet and outlet that lets it easily connect to a lateral without the need for gluing or fusing. Read more>

VFlex Corner irrigationVFlex Corner irrigation
Got a lot of property to irrigate? And we mean a lot of property. Then check out Valley Irrigation’s VFlex Corner, featuring an 8000 series span and an improved steerable drive unit structure. It also includes a wider track-and-roller cradle that can be easily serviced with standard hand tools. The VFlex can be customized with available options including three corner length choices, mechanical or electronic sprinkler sequencing, fixed or swiveling water inlets, single or dual steering gearboxes, wire or GPS guidance and trailing or leading orientation. Read more>

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Principles of Ecological Landscape DesignBuy this book!
Principles of Ecological Landscape Design
Today, there is a growing demand for designed landscapes—from public parks to backyards—to be not only beautiful and functional, but also sustainable. Sustainability requires integrating the landscapes we design with ecological systems. With Principles of Ecological Landscape Design, Travis Beck gives professionals and students the first book to translate the science of ecology into design practice. This groundbreaking work explains key ecological concepts and their application to the design and management of sustainable landscapes. It covers biogeography and plant selection, assembling plant communities, competition and coexistence, designing ecosystems, materials cycling and soil ecology, plant-animal interactions, biodiversity and stability, disturbance and succession, landscape ecology, and global change. Beck draws on real world cases where professionals have put ecological principles to use in the built landscape. The demand for this information is rising as professional associations like the American Society of Landscape Architects adopt new sustainability guidelines (SITES). But the need goes beyond certifications and rules. For constructed landscapes to perform as we need them to, we must get their underlying ecology right. Principles of Ecological Landscape Design provides the tools to do just that.
Read more>

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