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Welcome to 'Sprout,' American Nurseryman's bi-weekly e-newsletter. For even more, be sure to read our September issue.

Conard-PyleConard-Pyle settles patent infringement case
Conard-Pyle recently reached a settlement with a grower in New Jersey who was discovered to have been illegally propagating patented Knock Out® roses. The infringement cost the nursery a “substantial financial penalty,” in addition to losing all the knock-off Knock Outs when it was required to destroy all the plants. According to a release issued by Conard-Pyle September 30, “The nursery was in violation of United States Plant Patent Laws that state that no one may asexually propagate or sell any patented plant without the permission of the patent owner." Read more>

Hachi-HachiSePro voluntarily limits Hachi-Hachi
If you’re currently using the insecticide Hachi-Hachi, offered by SePro Corp., be sure to check the company’s web site for a new restriction. The company has voluntarily—and we emphasize voluntarily—limited the use of Hachi-Hachi for Salvia, Gypsophilla and poinsettia plants with bracts in color. The previous restriction for use on impatiens and New guinea impatiens, which was established prior to the product’s launch, remains in effect. SePro has submitted label changes to the EPA. Read more>

Syngenta FlowersSyngenta Flowers breaks new ground
Syngenta Flowers Inc. has begun construction of a new world-class R&D “Center of Excellence” for ornamental horticulture at the company’s campus in Gilroy, Calif. The center will provide the company with new capabilities to develop new solutions for customers in the ornamental and floriculture industry. Read more>

The IR-4 ProjectIR-4 releases acibenzolar study results
The Acibenzolar Crop Safety Summary issued by The IR-4 Project has revealed that 20 of 52 ornamental crops studied for phytotoxicity have sufficient trials to recommend they be added to the label. Acibenzolar, an active ingredient that stimulates plant defense systems, was tested as foliar and drench applications both in the greenhouse and on field-grown ornamentals. Read more>

Productive plantsJust how productive are plants?
Let’s hope you understand this better than, well, some of us. According to research just released by the journal Nature and conducted by scientists at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography, the global uptake of carbon by land plants may be up to 45 percent more than previously thought. This, we assume, is a good thing. The researchers based their conclusion on the variability of heavy oxygen atoms in the carbon dioxide of the atmosphere driven by the El Niño effect. As the oxygen atoms in carbon dioxide were converted faster than expected during the El Niño years, current estimates for the uptake of carbon by plants are probably too low. Meaning that this will affect future climate change research and predictions. There. You’ve now earned your PhD in … something. (Photo by Dave Powell, USDA Forest Service; Read more>

Paul Zimmerman RosesThis rose is more than a rose
Paul Zimmerman Roses (formerly Ashdown Roses) has the perfect gift for the plant nerd who has everything: A rose. (Of course!) But not just any rose—you get to name it! If you know that special someone who deserves a rose named after her (or him), this company can make it happen. It’s the world-wide agent for Canadian rose breeder Brad Jalbert, and a few of his gems have been set aside to be purchased, and named, in honor of a spouse, a sibling, a parent, a pet … your choice. Read more>

CENTS 2012 MarketplaceMaking CENTS
The Central Environmental Nursery Trade Show—CENTS—has become the CENTS 2012 Marketplace: Where the Green Industry Grows. Scheduled for Jan. 23 to 25 in Columbus, Ohio, the show is expected to draw 8,000 industry attendees and offers world-class education with The Ohio State University Nursery Short Course—and more. Read more>

People News

Gilbert ResendezResendez named SoCal Horticulturist of the Year
Monrovia craftsman Gilbert Resendez has been named Horticulturist of the Year by the Southern California Horticulture Society. Resendez joined Monrovia as a pruning craftsman in 1962; he quickly moved into sales, became vice president of sales and marketing and finally served as Monrovia’s president from 2004 to 2007. He continues to work with Monrovia as the company’s managing director. Read more>

Dr. Louis M. BerningerBerninger named to WGIF Hall of Fame
University of Wisconsin Emeritus Professor of Horticulture and University Extension Dr. Louis M. Berninger has been selected for the WGIF (Wisconsin Green Industry Federation) Hall of Fame for 2012. Berninger developed “Garden Almanac,” a weekly TV series; wrote marketing articles; and guided the development of the Madison and Milwaukee hort research gardens. Read more>

Andrew JagerJager joins BioSafe Systems
Andrew Jager has joined BioSafe Systems, East Hartford, Conn., as outside sales technical support representative. Read more>

Andy KalerDow AgroSciences personnel
The U.S. Turf & Ornamental (T&O) business division of Dow AgroSciences, Indianapolis, has announced the following personnel moves: Andy Kaler is product manager of the division; Brett Garrard is T&O sales rep for the Eastern district; Gil del Rosario is T&O sales rep for southern California; and Greg Webster is T&O sales rep in the Northwest. Read more>

Hot Products

SoilWrapSoilWrap USDA certified
SoilWrap, the bio-based container from Ball Horticultural Co., has been awarded USDA BioPreferred designation, falling within the USDA BioPreferred Landscaping and Agriculture - Plant and Flower Pots category. Recognized by the USDA for having at least 85% biobased content, SoilWrap underwent third-party certification to assure the presence and amount of biobased ingredients, which is strictly monitored by the agency. SoilWrap packaging can now display the proper certification label mark to aid consumer decision-making on renewable, natural resource alternatives. Read more>

1590XPHand-fed chipper upgrade
Updating its most popular hand-fed drum chipper, Bandit Industries now offers the 1590XP with wider horizontal feed wheels, measuring 25 inches versus the standard 20-inch-wide wheels. This new option allows the 1590XP to more aggressively crush and compress limby material, reducing the amount of trim work required on larger material entering the chipper. In addition, the Model 1590XP now offers engines up to 180 horsepower, further enhancing the capability of this machine. Read more>

RootShield WPRootShield WP now available in Canada
Biological fungicide RootShield WP from BioWorks Inc. now is available to hort professionals in Canada. The product’s enhanced formulation replaces clay with a water-soluble carrier for easier mixing and suspension, which reduces clogging in application and irrigation equipment. RootShield WP provides preventative control of major root diseases including Pythium, Fusarium and Rhizoctonia. The product’s active ingredient, the highly effective, hybrid fungus Trichoderma harzianum, strain T-22, grows on roots, protecting them against damaging fungi. Read more>

Agapanthus ‘Gold Strike’Agapanthus ‘Gold Strike’
Now available through PlantHaven, Agapanthus ‘Gold Strike’ has golden and green variegated foliage, topped from mid-summer with dainty flower heads composed of deep-blue buds that open to elegant, picotee blue- and white-striped individual blooms. ‘Gold Strike’ is hardy to zones 7 to 10, is drought-tolerant and is best grown in fertile soil in full sun to part shade. Read more>

H Brandy PunchHardy Hibiscus
Green Leaf Plants offers three new series of Hibiscus: the Cordials, from Blooms of Bressingham; plus Vintage Carafe and Vintage Splash. Cordials are the tallest of the three at 42 to 48 inches; all have uniquely shaped leaves and sturdy habits. ‘Brandy Punch’ is pictured here. Carafe hibiscus top out at 36 inches, and Splash varieties reach 30 inches. Each selection is dense and full, with excellent branching. Read more>

Sno-Pro tractor bladesSno-Pro tractor blades
Curtis Industries, LLC now offers a new and improved line of Sno-Pro tractor blades that feature a no-weld design to simplify the process of attachment to the bucket loader arm. No more welding or painting necessary. These new Sno-Pro tractor blades range from 5 to 8 feet and offer a full moldboard design that protects both operator and equipment. The operator can choose between three mounting options: Skid Steer, John Deere Quick Attach or the new Bolt-On Pin Mount Bracket. All blades feature center-punched cutting edges with high-carbon steel for maximum utility and extended usage. Read more>

Norseman StructuresSteel-framed buildings
Norseman Structures introduces two new steel-framed, fabric-covered buildings: the A-Series and the F-Series. The A-Series is available in 30- to 70-foot widths and the F-Series is available in 90- to 130-foot widths; both can be manufactured to any length. The A-Series features 6- and 8-foot leg options, which provide increased clearance and allow for improved storage capacity. The F-Series’ I-beam leg provides flexibility in sidewall height, allowing for various overhead door and side entrance options. Read more>

double-mist trigger sprayerDouble-mist trigger sprayers
Agri-Pro Enterprises of Iowa Inc. offers the double-mist trigger sprayer, with a unique double action trigger that delivers two sprays with every squeeze. Continuous output saves time and effort. Easy to squeeze, resulting in no hand fatigue. Durable spray head resists acids and disinfectants. The nozzle can be adjusted to give a spray from a super-fine mist to a powerful jet stream for sprinkling or spraying. Perfect for greenhouses, gardens, terraces and balconies. All Double-Mists have inline filters and a balanced shape for stability. Read more>

Finally: It’s harvest time!

Upcoming event
October 19 to 22
61st Annual Meeting of the IPPS Eastern Region
Seelbach Hilton Hotel
Louisville, Ky.
Read more>

Midwestern Native GardenBuy this book!
Midwestern gardeners and landscapers are becoming increasingly attracted to noninvasive regional native wildflowers and plants over popular nonnative species. The Midwestern Native Garden offers viable alternatives to both amateurs and professionals, whether they are considering adding a few native plants or intending to go native all the way. Authors Charlotte Adelman and Bernard L. Schwartz provide a comprehensive selection of native alternatives that look similar or even identical to a range of nonnative ornamentals. These are native plants that are suitable for all garden styles, bloom during the same season, and have the same cultivation requirements as their nonnative counterparts. Plant entries are accompanied by nature notes setting out the specific birds and butterflies the native plants attract. The beauty, hardiness, and easy maintenance of native Midwestern plants will soon make them the new favorites. Read more>

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